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Andi Eigenmann, naiyak na lamang matapos aminin ang pinagdaanan ng kaniyang pamilya ngayon

Above anything else, former actress Andi Eigenmann is thankful that she and her whole family is blessed with good health amid pandemic.

But as an expecting mother of three, she still can not help but to get sad over the fact that her whole family is divided in the middle of this hard situation.

Last June 2020, Andi flew to Manila together with her 1 year old kid Lilo to be reunited with her eldest daughter, Ellie, who had been with her father Jake Ejercito all through out the lock down period.

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And since then, their flight going back to Siargao has always been cancelled due to the situation, until Andi figured out that she is already pregnant.

On their recent Youtube vlog, Andi gave her subscribers some life update about her and her two kids.

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“We’ve been really down because we found out that we probably won’t make it back to Siargao anytime soon. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, obviously. And times have been tough on a lot of us, if not, everyone.” she said.

Added the vlogger, “We’ve been hoping to get to the island since a couple of months ago and you know, we’ve been looking forward to finally being with Philmar again and enjoying our Happy Island Life. Being the Happy Islanders that we are and of course, celebrating the fact that we’re about to welcome a new member soon.

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“As much as we wish that the three of us and Philmar are all together, are all complete, I’m also really glad that he’s safe and healthy over there on the island and he’s home where he belongs — especially now that the waves have been pumping. It’s been really good in Siargao. And Philmar has just been spending his time riding the waves,” Andi said.

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