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Awra Briguela, proud na ipinasalip ang House and Lot na napundar niya noong 13 pa lamang siya

Child star Awra Briguela proudly shows the house and lot he earned when he was still 13 after winning Your Face Sounds Familiar in ABS CBN last 2017.

Being the breadwinner of the family, Awra has always been dedicated and passionate about his art. But aside from that, the actor is indeed a natural born performer.

On an interview with TV Patrol, the young celeb gave his fans and supporter a quick glimpse on his new house.

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We can not deny that the success of Awra is something phenomenal and iconic, given that he was discovered from a viral video his cousin posted, thus originating his screen name, “Awra”

Later on, he was casted as Ang Probinsyano”s tenured character and people have grown to love Makmak, a battered kid with abusive and alcoholic father adopted by Lola Flora, (Susan Roces’ character)

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The living room of the child star’s house is simple but very elegant, such as the dining room and the kitchen area.

He also loves taking picture on their rooftop, where Awra’s parents keep several plants to keep the area cool and peaceful.

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When it comes to achievements, another goal Awra recently accomplished is when his dad finished college.

The child star was very proud of his father and said that he serves as a good role model for him and his other siblings.

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He now truly understands the importance of studying and earning a degree that is why Awra does not stop schooling even tho he is getting occupied with his schedules as well.

Just recently, the actor was in James & Pat & Dave and showcased his excellent talent in comedic acting.

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When it comes to love life, the child star says he prefers to focus more on his career before entering the complicated world of love.

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