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CCTV footage ni Christine Dacera kasama ang mga kaibigan niya habang siya ay nasa wheelchair viral ngayon matapos itong mapansin ng iba

Investigation about Christine Dacera’s case is getting as blurred as it can be, with too many loose ends hanging and contradicting claims of the police, NBI and even the autopsy itself.

But it seems like the netizens are starting to side with Dacera’s friends, who were with the late flight attendant during New Year’s eve where the incident occur.

They are also the primary suspect of the incident.

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Valentine Rosales, Gigo De Guzman, JP Dela Serna Rommel Galido and John Paul Halili’s statements regarding the explanation of the victims” bruises on her knees seem to match.

According also to the CCTV footage of City Garden Grand Hotel where the transporting of Dacera from the hotel room to the lobby around 12 PM were caught, it was seen that the 23 year old lady was having a hard time fitting herself on the wheelchair that was apparently, no leg assist.

Through an interview with Philppine Entertainment Portal, Gigo de Guzman also recalled how they managed to successfully bring Dacera’s lifeless body down the lobby to give her the medical assistant that she needs.

“Noong dumating yung medic, kumuha sila ng wheelchair. Yung wheelchair na kinuha nila, walang leg assist.

“E wala ngang leg assist… Nakikita ko kasi naiipit yung legs niya sa may sidebars ng wheelchair.

“‘Tapos si Clark [Rapina], being a nurse, pumunta doon, itinaas niya yung paa habang yung medic itinutulak si Tin papunta sa doon sa back elevator nila.”

Rosales, Gallido, Halili and dela Serna also initiated a “Fund the Truth” fund raising drive, to help them and their other friends who are currently struggling with their finances plus the expenses of going through a legal battle to prove their innocence.

Dacera’s body was buried last January 10, 2021, on her hometown in General Santos City.

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