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Mga eksperto, ginulat ang publiko matapos ipakita ang umano’y mga “tunay” na pako na ginamit sa kamay ni Kristo

Experts are stunned after finding one of the most ground breaking discovery in the history.

While exploring Jerusalem’s Peace Forest back in 1990, a construction crew was confused as they dig upon what seems to be a tomb. A secret yet so controversial tomb.

Once the news about it spread, the archeologists came running, curious to see what could be inside the newly discovered artifact.


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According to Boredom Theraphy, “The massive rock-cut tomb had 12 chambers, six of which had been ransacked by grave robbers. The thieves had taken some instrumental clues to the tomb’s origins, but four of the lost chambers were still untouched. Naturally, archeologists pried them open.”

While continuing their research, archeologist found several first-century pottery and glass perfume bottles.

However, “the biggest clues came from the 12 ossuaries, or “bone boxes,” which perhaps unsurprisingly, come in a variety of haunting forms.”

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They recovered some bones, but a certain box drove the experts into oblivion, giving them a case with too many loose ends as they try to figure out whom this burial box belongs to.

“Each of the bone boxes were engraved with intricate patterns. One elaborate box contained the bones of four children and two adults, marked with the words, “Yehosef bar Qayafa,” or, “Joseph, son of Caiaphas.” Anyone familiar with the Bible knows exactly who this man was.” Boredom Therapy wrote.

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With this in mind, the researchers believe that this may be the tomb of Jesus Christ notorious foe.

And in the middle of their exploration, a set of iron nails that was found on the tomb caught their attention.

The two iron nails had been found in separate places: one inside a bone box and another on the dirt floor.

However, it will took a long journey before scientist will finally support the idea that this may be the, nails used to crucify Jesus Christ.

But after years of determining the truth, Boredom Therapy wrote, “the two iron nails contained the same exact materials found in the remains from Caiaphas’ tomb! Not only that, but the nails had slivers of wood and bone both outside and inside — meaning they were undoubtedly used in a crucifixion.”

But still, the biggest question remains, was it the crucifixion of Jesus?

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