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Nathalie Hart, Umaming Naghihirap Na Ngayon. Bakit Kaya Anong Dahilan?

The struggles of being a single parent during a pandemic hit hard on actress Nathalie Hart.

On the virtual press conference of her heist movie Steal under BluArt Productions, Nathalie becomes candid about the challenges that she faces being a mother to her daughter Penelope.

“For me now, habang tumatanda yung anak ko, yung lahat ng naiipon ko ngayon, I’m putting it into business.

“Medyo ngayon, naghihirap talaga ako.

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“Kumbaga, kung ano yung magagastos ko sa bahay, sa anak ko… kasi whatever I have now, I’m putting it into business.

“So, kung ano na lang yung dapat napupunta sa anak ko, napupunta sa business.

“To be honest, naaayos ko naman, pero ganoon talaga ang buhay.

“Kailangan you have to really budget, yun ang ginagawa ko ngayon.”

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On a separate interview with, Nathalie admitted that the pandemic taught her how to be more strict with her finances, especially now that she has a toddler to raise.

“The most important lesson that I’ve learned is to always be appreciate everything in life, the things that we take for granted like health and hygiene.

“I’ve also learned how to budget like a pro kasi I had no salary coming in,”

Continued the actress, “As long as my loved ones are healthy and have something to be thankful for, like food and shelter, that’s all I need.

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“It was not hard because before the pandemic, I was always home.

“The only hard part was there’s so much free time, but after two months, I realize it’s time to try something new.

“I opened a resort wear line called @gaytreebypenelope.

“I’m still working on my plant-based skincare that I’m launching this January.”

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