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Patrick Garcia at asawa niyang si Nikka Martinez, magkakaroon na ng pang-apat na baby

Patrick Garcia and wide Nikka Martinez are expecting their baby number 4!

On their Youtube vlog, the couple happily announces the arrival of their “answered prayer” and shared more details about Nikka’s pregnancy journey.

“Siguro sa lahat ng naging pregnancies niya, parang feeling ko, dito siya pinakanachallenge ngayon.”

Nikka threw in, “Yes. Actually, compared to the rest, parang iba. Iba iyong nausea ko dito. Iba iyong food aversions… I’m a little bit challenged, but I know that as I go further into my pregnancy it will get better.”

Source: IG

Patrick also said that one of the things that gives them the anxiety is Nikka’s “high-risk” pregnancy due to COVID 19 outbreak.

According to the couple, their three daughter, Michelle, Patrice, and Pia have always yearning for another baby in the family.

Source: IG

That is why when they broke the news to their eldest, Michelle, her reaction was priceless.

Meanwhile the parents said that may it be a girl or a boy, the only wish they have for their future angel is to be born healthy.


Source: IG

Just recently, Nikka trends on social media after she posted the #HiMom challenge on Tiktok, where she showed her Michelle, 7; her mother Mikki, 49; her grandmother Che, 67; and her great-grandmother Florence, 97.

According to the internet celebrity, her family have a five beautiful generations of women.

Source: IG

On her interview with, Nikka recalled the times where she used to live with her grandma.

“I lived with them in one house before I moved in with Patrick.

“Back then, we were only 4 generations of women and I tell you, it was A LOT of fun being under one roof with my mom, my grandma and my great-grandma.

Source: IG

“Now that my daughters are around, our lives just got even more colorful… with sparkles galore!”

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