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Tricycle Driver, Hinamak At Sinabihang Siya Ng Pamilya Ng Babae Na Walang Mapapala Sa Kanya Ang Kanyang Asawa

Before settling down, it is important to figure out not only your emotional, mental and physical stability but for your financial readiness too.

After all, being married, even though you do not have kids right away, requires a much greater amount of responsibility and obligation on both parties.

This is what Kaye, a new bride, have in mind.

Kaye is an architect, who fell in love and married James, a tricycle driver.

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Their love story started during Kaye’s preparation for her licensure exam. James usually offer her a ride on her learning center and from their, the friendship and mutual understanding started between them.

Kaye accepts James wholeheartedly.

And for her, there is nothing more amazing than the fact the he is perseverant, determined on his job.

The couple have also experienced judgement from other people, especially from Kaye’s family, who take pride of the lady’s high education.

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But despite of their malicious statements and hurtful remarks, James remained focused on his goal and did not get all those comments affect his love for Kaye.

Little did they know, James continued his studies and is now on his last year to become an official optalmologist.

The two struggle and face challenge in silence, and shield each other from the hurt the world continuously give them.

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What matters is that after a long way, they are now married, grinding more hard than ever, and supporting each other to achieve their goals.

Kaye is also thankful that she has friends who never doubted their relationship and have high respect for James despite of his societal status.

On the other hand, James is more fired up than ever, excited that after so many years, he will finally be able to give his wife a much better life.

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